Leading Safety with the Brain in Mind - an introduction to the Neuroscience of Safety

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To make a significant change to your safety culture you first must understand what makes people tick!

Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) has dominated approaches to safety management for more than 20 years and it has achieved great results, but with incidents still occurring in the workplace, and safety performance and worker safety remaining as critical social, individual and organisational concerns, now is the time to ReThink the way we do things and look beyond traditional programmes.  This is where Neuroscience comes in!

Research tells us that approximately 90% of human behaviour is driven by the unconscious mind which results in human errors being identified as the top cause of serious injuries and incidents, so it makes sense that in order to improve safety performance, we need to understand the way people think.  With that understanding, we can then develop our safety programmes to work with, rather than against, the brain’s natural mode of functioning - resulting in positive, sustainable safety outcomes.


This interactive and informative workshop will provide you with an insight into how the human brain works and how you can use that knowledge to take your safety leadership to the next level.  Come along and shift the dial on your organisation’s safety performance!

Every insight you gain in this workshop will translate into practices that you can apply immediately to accelerate your safety leadership excellence and your organisations safety performance.


Anyone who has an interest in applying cutting-edge research to improve safety performance within their organisation, including (but not limited to):

  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • Team leaders and supervisors
  • Health and safety professionals
  • Human resource professionals
  • Consultants
  • Trainers
  • Workers
  • Health and safety representatives
  • Administrators who have health and safety responsibilities


Leading with the Brain in Mind provides participants with a unique opportunity to learn the theory and science behind effective safety leadership and how you can apply these learnings in practical and relevant ways to drive positive and sustainable change in your organisation.

Some of the exciting things you will learn include:

  • The What, How and Why of Neuroscience and why it is regarded as a safety performance game-changer.
  • How the brain works and how thinking and attitudes drive behaviour.
  • The brain as PPE - Why the brain is the most important PPE.
  • The power of neuroplasticity and how you can help others to shift their hard-wired ways of functioning and 'rewire' their unconscious brain to create new, safer habits and behaviours.
  • How to engage, influence, motivate others and facilitate positive safety change through the application of brain-based communication and coaching techniques.
  • Practical tools, practices and models that you can apply immediately in your workplace to improve others thinking and performance.
  • and more....


  • Describe how the human brain works and how it can impact on safety performance.

  • Explain how you can tailor your safety programs to meet the needs of the human brain and achieve better outcomes.
  • Effectively coach others to change their thinking and create new positive (and safer) habits.
  • Encourage others to ReThink safety in order to shift the dial on individual and organisational performance.
  • Describe how to make your company policies, procedures and programs ‘brain friendly’.
  • Understand the importance of having fun and making training relevant in order to ‘make it stick’ and guarantee return on your investment.


One day


Deanne Boules

This fast paced, interactive, informative and engaging workshop is facilitated by Deanne Boules, Director of Insync Workplace Solutions.  Deanne is a dynamic, insightful and accomplished workplace health and safety and human resources professional, speaker, facilitator and coach with extensive and diverse experience and expertise in these fields.  She has a passion for building proactive and productive safety cultures through the application of the principles of modern psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and other transformational methodologies to gain acceptance and achieve positive change in an organisation’s safety culture.

A former New South Wales Police Officer, Inspector for Work Cover (now SafeWork) NSW, and senior  workplace health and safety and human resources executive for several iconic Australian and Global companies, Deanne has experienced first-hand the devastating impact of safety-gone-wrong and has also seen the incredible benefits when it is done right.  She has attended fatal and serious injury incidents, knocked on families’ doors to tell them their loved ones were not coming home, investigated and prosecuted organisations for failing to ensure the safety of their people - and now you can get the benefit of all that experience wrapped into this not to be missed masterclass!

For the past eight years, Deanne has spent a lot of her time working with organisations and individuals to ReThink Safety by providing them with insights into how the brain works and how people’s thinking and attitudes drive behaviour.  Deanne is an engaging, credible, and extremely knowledgeable facilitator and coach who challenges the way people think, motivates senior executives, mid-level managers and supervisors to be more visible and to proactively lead safety in the workplace, and empowers workers to take control of their own personal safety with the ultimate goal being to create sustainable awareness and capability across the organisation.

Deanne has formal qualifications and extensive experience in workplace health and safety, human resources, training and assessment, coaching, and change management.  She is an accredited Neuroscience Practitioner and is also currently completing a Bachelor of Psychology degree.


Course Dates

Dunedin 25 March 2020 09:00 am - 04:30 pm OSEA Dunedin, 16 McBride Street


$ 630.00 + GST for members
$ 895.00 + GST for non-members


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