2017 Health and Safety Forum - 'Hot Topics'

24 May 2017

King Mike Headshot 1Registrations are now open for the 2017 Health and Safety Forum - 'Hot Topics'

Come and hear speakers including Mike King, Sue Nolan and Alan Goy as they cover the ‘hot topics’ of interest to Employers. We have listened to the voice of our members and other businesses in Otago and Southland. We have heard the frustration and confusion on a number of issues relating to health and safety. This year we bring you a range of entertaining speakers who have extensive knowledge and real world experience in their field, and who can offer practical guidance in managing the ‘hot topics’.

Health and Safety responsibility is not just about the physical well-being of workers. The mental health of all workers also needs to be addressed. Iconic entertainer and mental health educator Mike King will speak on mental health and safety in the workplace. Mike’s message tells of his own personal experiences, his work as a mental health educator and what you need to know about mental health in the workplace.

For many, drugs and alcohol are used to cope with underlying mental and emotional problems. Apart from loss of productivity, this can be extremely dangerous and, in some industries, can have fatal consequences. Sue Nolan, from Drugfree Sites will be giving an overview of policies, procedures and education around the types of drugs that can be tested for, the difference between negative and not negative and the steps to follow if a not negative occurs. Sue has 40 years experience as a forensic scientist and expert witness specializing in illicit drugs, toxicology and workplace drug testing. Sue is a board member of the International Forum for Drug & Alcohol Testing and has been involved in sports drug testing at two Olympic Games.

An area of Health and Safety that still seems to be causing confusion and frustration is Contractor Management. Many PCBU’s are still unsure of where their responsibilities and legal obligations lie concerning managing company contractors. Alan Goy is the South Island Health and Safety Manager for Fulton Hogan, a premier business in transport, water, energy, mining, civil construction and land development infrastructure in New Zealand. The company now has over 6,900 staff and many contractors. Fulton Hogan have a wealth of experience in contract management and Alan will give practical examples of how to deal well with the health and safety aspect.

Other speakers will include John Munro, Manager of Operational Intelligence at WorksafeNZ who will cover WorksafeNZ priorities and give an insight as to what they are picking up in the Intelligence space; Peter Anderson, Relationship Manager-Business Customers at ACC who will give an update on ACC matters, and a member of the Otago Southland Employers’ Association legal team who will give a briefing on employment law as it relates to health and safety.

The Early Bird discount offer expires 2 June so register now to secure a place. Group discounts are also available.

There are three easy ways to register:

1. Phone 0508 656 757 2. Email loretta@osea.org.nz 3. Click here to register online


Chris Webb | Health and Safety Manager | Otago Southland Employers’ Association | chris@osea.org.nz

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