Better for business in the south - bringing together the OSEA and the OCC

20 September 2020

In 2020 the operating environment for your business has changed rapidly and been more challenging than ever before – and this dynamic environment is likely to continue into the future.

The OSEA has had to adapt to support and meet the needs of our members through this challenging period, and we have engaged with our members more than ever before.  We recognise that we need to continue to adapt to meet our members’ needs into the future in a sustainable and agile way – and that business in the south needs a strong, unified voice to represent its unique interests and provide support.

For this reason, the boards of OSEA and the OCC are proposing a merger to create a single, unified membership entity that is well-placed to meet the needs of and deliver increased value to current and future members.

OSEA and OCC offer complementary services which, when combined, will create an enhanced offering for both memberships.  Opportunities to provide more services will ensure the sustainability of the proposed single organisation so it may continue to service business in the south as the two separate organisations do currently.

Members join Chamber and Employers’ Associations for different reasons and the brands mean different things to different businesses.  The process of moving towards a single unified membership organisation will be an inclusive one that will be approached in a staged and planned way, with transparent communication to and feedback from both members and staff throughout the process.  You can find out more about our background here.

The process for the proposed merger is attached here.  This information is also being shared with our staff at the same time, to ensure that everyone involved is informed and able to provide feedback regarding the direction, shape and service delivery of the proposed new, unified membership organisation.

Our Annual and Special General Meeting will provide you with an opportunity to vote on this proposal on Wednesday, 21 October 2020.  We encourage you to attend the meeting and participate in this important decision.  Click here to register now.

In the meantime, we are sure you have lots of questions about this proposal, some of which we have tried to anticipate by providing the following Q & As.  We encourage you to ask one of us any questions that are not covered here.

Our members are at the centre of everything that we do.  We value your opinions about what any merger should look like and how it should proceed and look forward to hearing these over the coming days.

You can find our media release here.

Andrew Leys

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