CEO Comment August 2019

16 August 2019

Virginia webIt is hard to see how a centralised single entity for Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology will be better placed to respond to regional or specialised demands than regionally-based providers.

We have significant skills shortages, low unemployment and challenges with the immigration system, and there are concerns from the business community that disruption to the education pipeline into employment and on-the-job training like apprenticeships will be put at risk.  We will continue to monitor these changes closely.

Significant delays are continuing with the processing of migrant visas, and we are continuing to advocate on your behalf to improve this situation.

It is becoming increasingly common for recording devices to be used in meetings between employers and their staff. Stu Adamson our Alexandra based Solicitor provides an update for employers here.

We have our inaugural event ‘enrich – celebrating women in business’ in Dunedin on 19 September 2019. Come along and join Jude Dobson and other inspirational women speaking about a diverse range of topics from reinvention, the art of self-love, resilience, leadership, making the impossible – possible, evolution, retiring on your terms and more.

We have the Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker, in Dunedin on 29 August 2019 along with MFAT talking about negotiations for a European Union-New Zealand free trade agreement, and other trade negotiations.

Last week we saw the reduction of the official cash rate by the Reserve bank from 1.5% to 1%. You can read more here.

We are very supportive of the Governments announcement to overhaul the Resource Management Act.  We support cutting complexity and costs and to better enable urban development, while also improving protection of the environment.

It was a pleasure to have a Shanghai undergraduate university student who joined us for work experience.  Feichi Yang came for a week from the Mayor of Dunedin Shanghai Student Work Experience programme.  This was a really valuable exchange, and we would be keen to be involved in this going ahead.

As always feedback is welcome.

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