Helpful resources for Covid-19

18 March 2020

We have a check-list if you need to manage the coronavirus risk in the workplace.  You can also find links there for the latest updates and developments, pandemic preparedness, travel advice, immigration advice, trade updates and an update on the global situation.  A government website also contains a workplace response to Covid-19 and unpaid leave in different circumstances.

If you would like any further assistance our Lawyers will be able to help.

You are also invited to sign up to a closed Facebook group from our NZ wide network for members to share experiences, advice and issues around coronavirus.  The group now has 600 members and is becoming a key channel of communication for NZ businesses seeking to manage this risk.

If you would like to find out more about the coronavirus, you can listen to Professor Philip Hill who is the McAuley Professor of International Health at the University of Otago.  Philip is also a specialist infectious diseases physician.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) have put out a Covid-19 wage subsidy and leave payment information sheet which you can access here.

MSD is looking after the processing of the coronavirus payments, and you can find out how they can help here.

The Work and Income COVID-19 Employers Helpline number is 0800 778 008.

If anyone in your team are not well, they can call the Coronavirus Healthline 0800 358-5453.

StatsNZ has released provisional indications around the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on New Zealand trade with China.  This webpage presents New Zealand’s daily export trade with China from 27 January 2020 and compares 2020 values with those from previous years, to show the potential impacts of Covid-19 since its outbreak in late 2019.

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