Holidays Act Review

04 September 2018

The Holidays Act Taskforce is seeking your feedback on an Issues Paper.

The Holidays Act Taskforce, established in May 2018 to review the Holidays Act and recommend changes, has released an Issues Paper. This sets out its understanding of the key issues employers, employees and payroll providers face in trying to implement the Act. The Taskforce, which includes employer, employee and government representatives, would welcome input from key stakeholders about:

  • whether the issues set out in the Issues Paper are described accurately?
  • whether you have experienced any other issues working with the Act that are not captured in the Issues Paper? If so, what are these issues?
  • any suggestions or proposals for change.

The Taskforce is seeking feedback by 12 October 2018. The feedback received on the Issues Paper will help inform the Taskforce as it develops solutions.

The full issues document can be accessed here:

Here is a summary of the questions asked in the issues document:

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