Industry 4.0 - Griffin's webinar

09 February 2021






The Griffin’s Food Company will feature in the fourth webinar in the Industry 4.0 in Action series by the EMA from the BusinessNZ Network.  The biscuit, chip, cracker and snack producer will share how improving shop floor intelligence has helped their people know when they have had a productive day.

The free webinar takes place on Friday 19 February from 10.00am – 11.00am – you can register here.

Shop floor intelligence is a company’s ability to collect and analyse data to provide actionable insights in real time to the shop floor.  It is one of the 16 key dimensions of Industry 4.0 on the Smart Industry Readiness Index.

In the webinar, we will hear from Griffin’s Head of Capital Investments and Continuous Improvement, Vaibhav Tanksale, and its Director of Operations and Supply Chain, Peter Richardson.  They will discuss the journey they undertook to get critical, real time data to the people who need it, enabling better visibility of the issues arising during production.

Griffin's recently went through the Industry 4.0 Network Site Visit assessment programme and are happy to share their experiences and answer any questions during the live Q&A session.

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