Introducing the NZ Business Number

16 October 2018






Sick of repeating the same information over and over? The New Zealand Business Number is a unique identifier that links to key details about your business – like your trading name and phone number. Anyone can recognise your business by its NZBN and check your information, which means you won’t have to keep sharing the same details over and over when dealing with someone new or when something changes, saving you time and money. Having an NZBN means you’ll be able to take advantage of innovations like electronic invoicing, which is a way to exchange invoices directly between finance systems. With e-Invoicing businesses will no longer need to create paper-based or PDF invoices that have to be scanned, posted or emailed, and then manually entered into a finance system. If you’re a company, incorporated society or charitable trust, you already have an NZBN – find it at If you’re a sole trader or partnership, you can get an NZBN for free on our website.

Watch this video to learn how the NZBN is making it easier to do business >

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