Project Management - a Specialised Role or Essential Job Skill?

16 July 2018

Is knowledge of project management a worthwhile skill set to have? We are in an environment where roles, jobs and expectations are changing – what will be valuable in the future?

Traditionally, projects have been managed by specific individuals designated as project managers. They were people who have followed a career of project management within various industries. The majority of these individuals didn’t start their career as a project manager – it was an opportunity that came along as their role evolved to leading projects.

Today, position descriptions are evolving to reflect the needs of a changing work and business environment. Staff, Team Leads, and Managers are expected to be involved with projects and know what to do when and how they should go about the job of successfully completing a project.

Projects are far more likely to experience delays in completion, budget overruns or suffer from scope creep if key steps are missed and people do not understand why they are doing various tasks. If you have been assigned to lead as the project manager, and you are unsure of what you should be doing then, you are highly likely to find yourself working long hours, reacting to issues and struggling to keep people engaged.

The ability to manage projects is now expected to be a standard skill set for any lead role. Just like any other skill set, it isn’t something that people just know how to do. When barely 30% of projects are completed in full, on time and within budget, ensuring that the essential knowledge is in place is a critical component to determining project success.

Can we leave the management of projects up to one person? After all, it’s all up to the project manager to get the job done?

Wrong! To complete a project in full, on time and within budget, with the required level of quality delivered, a team is involved. Everyone in the team needs to understand their role – what do they need to do to fulfil their part in a project to ensure its success. It is essential that at all levels of involvement, from the sponsor through to the end user, everyone plays their part – and this is far easier to do if everyone understands the project lifecycle.

Institute of Management New Zealand (IMNZ) Project Management Fundamentals training programme provides a significant step towards identifying and addressing the key aspects required for a project to be successful. Take the stress out of projects – develop a proactive management approach to projects and engage people through effective communication. This programme provides the essential skills, knowledge and understanding to get a project underway and implemented effectively.

Facilitated by Rhys Watson, who brings more than 15 years of project management experience to the training, having implemented projects involving significant change to organisations, you will benefit from his practical and realistic approach to project management. Discover what will make the difference for a project to be successful, understand the structure of a project and ensure that the goal will be achieved.

Please click here to view IMNZ Project Management Fundamentals course outline, available dates and investment.

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