Wellness in the workplace survey

19 March 2019

Wellness in the workplace




The fourth biennial Southern Cross - BusinessNZ Wellness in the Workplace survey will be used to consider the scale of absenteeism in New Zealand, how much employers are doing to assist employees with health and wellness, and where, if any, there are gaps.  Both private and public sector entities will be taking part.

In recent years there has been increased focus on health and safety for New Zealand workplaces.  By taking part in the survey your business’ views and experience will be represented in what has become an established survey of workplace wellbeing.

Results of the survey also have the potential to influence Government decision-making in the future.  The current Government has indicated wellbeing as a key priority, with the growing idea that it provides an alternative to standard economic indicators like GDP as measure of a nation’s status.

The survey is based on the UK one, which has been running for around 30 years.

The survey below takes about 20 minutes to complete.  Your responses will not be attributed to any business or individual and will be kept strictly confidential.

We would be grateful if you would complete the survey before 10 April 2019.

We have allocated you a respondent identifier number/code for the survey which is:

Please email us to obtain the unique id number to complete the survey.

Everyone who correctly inputs their allocated id number will go into the draw to win a wellness package to the value of $500.

If for whatever reason you have any questions/problems with filling in the survey, please contact our team at webmaster@businessnz.org.nz

Thank you for participating.


Stephen Summers | Economist | BusinessNZ | www.businessnz.org.nz

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